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Half Day Passes
5 Hours and Under

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Full Day Passes
Over 5 Hours

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Overnight Boarding

Your dog's home away from home.

Our guests are our top priority, so we strive to make their overnight stay as relaxing as possible.  If your dog enjoys sleeping in a crate, we offer XL spaces for our guests.  If he or she would prefer more space, perhaps a bed set up in our play space (customized for his/her comfort) would be more appropriate.  We are here to suit your dog's needs so that you can enjoy your time away and they can enjoy theirs too! It is common for us to send owners updates on their furry friends as well.


Please note:

*Boarding cancellations with less than 24 hours notice will be charged in full.   

**Rates reflect drop off day until 11AM the following day.  

***Holiday Rates apply during the duration of the Christmas Holidays, all long weekends (4 days), and Spring Break.

****Holiday rates are charged in full without discount regardless of the duration of stay.

*****Vet visits will incur a $20 transportation fee



We are committed to making your dog's grooming experience rewarding.

We are proud to work with owners to help their dog have a pleasant experience and not fear the groomers.  Our staff will go at your dog's pace, and ensure that he or she is treated with compassion throughout the appointment, and provide feedback after the groom. Please call or text to book ahead. 780-993-PAWS


Please note: De-matting is painful for dogs and create a negative association with grooming practices.  For this reason, matts that cannot be easily and painlessly removed with gentle and strategic brushing will be shaved. 

The prices outlined below are approximate.  Dogs that are in between sizing will be discounted appropriately.  Pricing will be variable according to coat length, coat condition, and anxiety and behaviour that may require additional time and care.

24 hours notice is required for cancellations.  Appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours notice are subject to a no-show fee.


Nails & Other Add-ons:

Nail trims $15

Nail Grinding $18

Brush out $15 per 15 minutes

Teeth $10

Ear cleaning $5

End of Stay Bath

Includes bath, blow out, 10 minutes of brushing, and a nail trim.


Bath & Quick Tidy:

For breeds that get full grooms.  This will include the bath, blow out, brush out, eyes, feet, sanitary, nail trim, and finishing spray.

Small - $55+

Medium - $65+

Large/ XLarge/XXL - $60/hour

De-shed & Heavy Tidy:

  • De-shed includes bath & blowout with 30 minutes of  full body de-shedding, sanitary & paw pad shave (if required), nail trim & finishing spray.

  • Heavy Tidy includes the entirety of the de-shed package with additional hand scissoring of the ears, chest, belly, bum, legs, paws and tail.


All sizes $60/hour

Smooth Coat Baths:

(Bath & Brush on smooth-coat breeds)

Extra small - $30

Small - $35

Medium - $45

Large - $55

XL - $65

XXL - $75

Full Groom:

Includes bath &  blowout , choice of full body haircut, nails & finishing spray.

  • Under 1/2"

Small - $70+

Medium - $90+

Large - $120+

X-Large and bigger - $60/hour 

  • 1/2 inch and Over

Small - $80+

Medium - $100+

Large - $130+

X-Large and bigger - $60/hour 

Additional Pricing:

Price varies depending on time required.

Behavioural time $15+

Matting/Pelt Removal $15+

Flea/Lice/Room Decontamination Fee $25

Flea/Tick/Lice Treatment $20/dose

No-show fees are charged for cancellations with less than 24 hours notice.  The fees are 50% of the base price of the booked grooming appointment.

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